About Us

We are a family owned business!

This is Bae Bae and KD that our menu items are named after.

Poppy’s name came about as he did not like being called Grandpa, so he decided his grandkids would call him Poppy, or as his oldest would say now, Pops. Poppy adores his grandchildren (Bailey & Kennedy), so much some menu items are named after their nicknames he gave them. Poppy demanded their pictures be shown here, don’t worry, we know he still loves his wife of almost 30 years and his daughter who are active in the business but we know who is #1 and #2! lol

Poppy as a youth spent a lot of time when he was in High School at a local Pizza place. While most of the time he was found playing video games (they were new then, lol), he was shown how to make Pizza and other Italian dishes by a local family from Italy. They showed him their love of food which must have stuck as he has been in the restaurant business most of his life. Poppy’s grandfather taught him to love Detroit Style Pizza, dining at Buddy’s and Cloverleaf over the years while he was young. Then Poppy met his wife, her family showed them their love for Loui’s in Hazel Park, MI. So, Poppy’s grew up on the style and loved each restaurant for how unique each one was.

All About Our Menu

Our ingredients are cut fresh daily!

Our menu was designed with quality, freshness and taste in mind. We have fresh dough, homemade sauce and our cheese is hand shredded, fresh Onions and Green Peppers. All of our toppings are of the highest quality. From time to time, we will run special items not on the menu and we will expand the menu over time.

History of Detroit Style Pizza

Gus and Anna Guerra created the style in 1946 at Buddy’s Pizza. Gus used his wife’s mother’s recipe for the dough and cooked it in a steel pan, from there it was history, everyone has been fighting over corner pieces since then. Gus went on to start Cloverleaf and his head chef at Buddy’s Louis Tourtois started Louis, all 3 are Detroit favorites, we can only hope to aspire to be close to the greats!

More detailed history here: History of Detroit Style Pizza